The Tony Gahan Counselling Fund

HCC is very pleased to be able to offer the Tony Gahan counselling fund which provides counselling for those affected by a loved one suffering from dementia.

Dementia can occur in all different ways, not just memory loss, and sadly for some it can mean the loss of the person that they used to be. This can be distressing for all concerned and this short term counselling is designed to be a space to explore and think about what this means for the people concerned and their relationships.

The counselling is provided weekly for a period of 10 weeks. Fees for the counselling are based on a sliding scale making the counselling financially accessible to all. The maximum contribution for the counselling would be £40 per 50 minute session, the minimum is £10 per session.

The counselling can be offered either remotely via Zoom or from the 17th May 2021, in accordance with the current Government directive, face to face at HCC’s counselling centre in Highgate.

If you would like more information or to book an initial consultation please contact the centre.

Tony Gahan, from Liverpool, was diagnosed with a dementia in 2016, aged 76 and increasingly struggled as time went on to communicate with and remember his family and friends, especially as he lost his ability to speak, as his condition worsened.

This was a very difficult time for both Tony and his family and friends, who struggled as they “lost” the man they had known for so long.

Tony died in 2019 and this fund has been established by his family to help and support others struggling with similar issues.