For pet owners who have lost a pet

HCC offers a counselling service to those individuals, couples, families, etc. who have lost a loved pet. The loss may be through bereavement, theft or missing.

Sometimes extended family members or friends do not realise the impact that the loss of a pet can have on the individual, couple, family or household. Our specialist team of counsellors are all pet owners themselves and know what it is like to lose a beloved pet.

Like all significant losses it is important to have space to be able to express the feelings and begin a grieving process. HCC offers a space to be able to do this with a counsellor who understands.

As with all counselling offered by HCC there is a sliding scale of fees for the sessions, starting at £40. For those on a low income it may be possible to offer a lower fee, please enquire at the centre for details.

The counselling sessions are offered on an open-ended basis, for as long as the individual, couple or family, etc. find the counselling useful.

Further Information

For more information and to arrange an initial meeting please contact the centre.