Since 1984 the Centre has been operating as a company limited by guarantee.  The company is a registered charity.  Responsibility for the management of the Centre lies with the Council of Management, whose members are chosen to reflect a wide cross-section of experience.

Members of the Council of Management include Mr Stephen Radford (Chairperson); Dr. Janet Seargeant; Dr. Batia Friedmann; Mrs Vivien Wilkinson, Nicholas Cobill, Sheena Fawcett, Helen Finch and Nicholas Nicolaides.

The Council of Management meet on a regular basis.  Meetings are also attended by two representatives of the Centre’s staff.

Centre Staff

The Director of the Centre is Natasha Harrison.  The Training Manager, Kevin Hamilton, oversees the trainings and CPD activities within the Centre.

Other staff at the Centre includes clinical supervisors, course tutors, receptionists and administrative personnel.  We also have over 50 counsellors operating within the service we provide.